Settlement Agents for Mt Stirling homebuyers

Buying a home in Mt Stirling? Do you need a settlement agent?

property settlement

No matter where you are in WA, we can help settle your property sale.  Buying or selling a house or land is a lengthy and complex process and obtaining professional advice will help ensure your smooth and successful property settlement in Mt Stirling.

The main job of a settlement agent is to transfer the ownership of the property and depending on whether you are buying or selling has various different components.

Unless you are a qualified lawyer it would be very unwise to try to carry out the settlement of your Mt Stirling property on your own. It’s a complex and time-consuming business, with many traps for the unwary. When you are buying a property, it is necessary for all the paperwork to be completed and all the promises to be fulfilled in the contract for the sale of the property. Such work is known as conveyancing.


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    What should a Mt Stirling settlement agent assist you with?

    searching land titles and checking any restrictions on the use or transfer of the property which are identified on the title;

    • Arranging, where required, for any restrictions on the title of the property to be removed;
    • Enquiring with local councils and with government departments about rates, taxes and water consumption to determine details of the sewer connection, any outstanding orders and building licences and the amounts to be paid by the seller and the buyer;
    • Notifying the relevant authorities about the change of ownership;
    • Preparing settlement statements and a number of legal documents and forms;
    • Obtaining payment from the client of any fees and duty payable on documents involved in the transaction and arranging for the payment of transfer duty (previously known as ‘stamp duty’) and other fees to the relevant government agencies; • attending settlement to exchange documents and monies to facilitate the legal transfer of the property; and
    • Notifying the relevant authorities when settlement occurs.

    We offer cost-effective and stress-free settlement process for Mt Stirling

    We are licenced in all aspects of conveyancing in Western Australia. Other services that we offer:

    Our services include Mt Stirling calls and online appointments including weekends to sign confusing documentation and to conduct a verification of identity check for sellers to avoid going to Australia post.

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